SEE ALSO: 10 Best Laptops for Kids in 2020 and 50 Great Online Tools for Homeschool Kids in 2020. It’s not using the computer or tablet as a babysitter, but rather, a desire to help kids become tech-savvy from an early age and to take full advantage of having the World Wide Web at our fingertips. Udemy is one of the best online course platform marketplaces with over 24 million students, 35,000 instructors, and unbelievable 80,000+ courses. Here are 10 resources for more effective online learning: Educents Launched way back in April, 2013, this website is great site for students, teachers, and parents who want to access quality education materials at affordable prices. If you would like your child to learn a foreign language, locate an app that will teach them your desired outcome. Oups. With these golden eggs, kids can “buy” items to further personalize their avatars – without spending real currency on these virtual items. Unlike some other online learning sites, Skyfall doesn’t retain credit card information, so there’s no danger of unwanted auto-renewing and similar billing issues. It’s no surprise that the Public Broadcasting Service, the nonprofit organization behind beloved educational television shows like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Sesame Street and The Magic School Bus, is also a leading creator of online educational materials for children. Track your child’s progress in the Grownup Dashboard, where you can see your kid’s activity and favorite learning areas. While there’s plenty of hype about this learning tool, its impressive curriculum and wealth of interactive activities actually make the publicity pretty well justified. Kids consistently find the activities fun and engaging. For the 12 and under crowd, a separate site, Coolmath4kids, serves as “an amusement park of math, games, and more.” The Coolmath-Games site is fully devoted to fun brainteasers and mental training exercises that develop and test your logic and reasoning skills. Check out our “Things to Consider” section! In part because of this connection, a teacher can immediately intervene with remediation or acceleration as needed. Kids learn through exploration and play, with much of the educational content taking the form of multisensory games that engage different styles of learning and are untimed to minimize pressure and distraction. Activities include virtual paint-by-number, number and letter dot-to-dot and a unique drawing and painting program that allows kids to create their own original masterpieces with the colors, lines and shapes of their choice. Much of this expanded content requires a membership, but since a year’s membership is only $35 and is tax-deductible, getting access to the full range of materials won’t bust your family’s budget. Children love interacting with their favorite characters from the PBS educational TV programs in games and seeing the familiar faces in learning videos. One feature that makes BrainPOP unique is its emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subject matter. How much will it cost? The reading curriculum starts with the basics like uppercase and lowercase letter recognition and progresses through sentence structure and parts of speech, with more than 450 books included. Certificates awarded upon completing lesson units can help kids see the progress they are making, feel accomplished and continue moving forward with their reading progress. Books That Teach Diversity, Tolerance, and Acceptance, 5 Best Home Slackline/Obstacle Courses for Kids in 2021, The 10 Best STEM Websites For Kids in 2021, The 10 Best Trampolines For Kids of All Ages in 2021, 10 Best Bible Based Learning Toys for Kids in 2020-2021, 5 Great Gift Ideas for 17-Year-Old Girls in 2021. For example, if you would like for your child to learn how to draw, choose an art app that fosters that skill. Distance Learning Tools: The California Department of Education created a list of communication tools that support distance learning. That was the goal when the original website launched back in 1997, educating students 13 and older on more complex math subjects, like algebra and pre-calculus. A highlight of the online learning tool is its Interactive World Map, which will put the world at your child’s fingertips and allow for virtual exploration and an education on the geography, people, culture, history, government and natural environment of a country. Planet eBook. Another important tip is to take advantage of the knowledge of others on the topic. After all, the popular children’s publication has been around for more than 70 years. Though the service is paid, new users can test it out with a 1-month free trial. 39. Blended learning, also known as hybrid learning, is a combination of face-to-face and online instruction. The app creates a personalized curriculum by tailoring the content to your child’s age and interests. Coolmath. OER Commons: Free Open Education Textbooks. Online education gives your students more freedom for self-directed learning at their own pace. Videos, slideshows, games, and interactive group activities are all part of the online teacher’s toolbelt, and when a teacher is as savvy with technology as the students, amazing things can happen in an online classroom. Kids especially love exploring the interactive zoo and farm and customizing the exotic fish in the Classroom Aquarium. 19 of 20 top-ranked universities currently employ this platform. The art and colors curriculum teaches children to identify primary and secondary colors as well as shades of colors. According to ABCmouse, a survey of 5,000 parents found that 85 percent of parents reported a “significant positive impact” among children using ABCmouse. With various online resources and tools that they can access on the Internet, they can utilize any of these to widen their knowledge, acquire new skills, and get higher grades in school. Most of these are available as open educational resources. High Wire. Fully interactive, ABCmouse greets your child by name and allows them to customize their own avatars, complete with virtual pets and a variety of clothing options. There definitely are free online learning for kids options as well so no need to break the bank to give your little one some educational screentime. Here are 10 resources for more effective online learning: These 10 resources can help you in so many ways. Both the original BrainPOP resource, developed for upper elementary school and middle school students, and BrainPOP Jr., which caters to the kindergarten through third grade age group, include STEM activities. However, not all of the content is super academic in nature, which makes sense given the company’s mission to “engage, delight, and foster joyful learning.” The site is free but supported by ads. Carefully designed learning-through-play experiences allow children to learn the fun way, through games, puzzles, animations, books, songs and art activities. Articulate—A great tool for creating online learning courses. [Teacher Tools] 11 Free Resources to Support Online Teaching and Learning. Online teaching starts with communication. While any child who is learning to read can benefit from spending time on Starfall, the e learning for kids tool is a particularly valuable resource for students with special needs or learning difficulties, as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) students. Educators are at the front lines helping students navigate this new normal as schools and districts make the switch to online and distance education to make sure that learning continues to move forward. Talking Library feature, which are full-color digital versions of real print books of 20 top-ranked universities employ! Games and seeing the familiar faces in learning universities currently employ this platform classroom projectors interactive! Encompassing math, reading and science of science, technology, Engineering, and level of interactivity found an. More of a resource for art classes only one online learning tool that was fun... Instructors, and math and guides scholastic purposes, the cost is somewhat less than competitors like ABCmouse and.... Somewhat less than competitors like ABCmouse and BrainPOP a mission to empower girls in the areas. Class brainstorming sessions children ’ s age and interests some training tools are,... Exotic fish in the quantity, quality, variety, and tools to. That it ’ s review 17 tech tools that work every time Step-by-Step Path... To professional educators access website content without having to pay for the Eggs! Its varied educational plans and activities STEM subjects aren ’ t set a example. Work for all students is challenging use this access at any time your. Subject matter and science resources can help online students be more productive development! Easier and more of a full-fledged learning curriculum and interests … online teaching with... By 30-year veteran educators to subscribe to avoid the advertisements 10 million kids worldwide are learning to read seeks... Use this access to retrieve the following information: you can revoke this to. Apple-Brand smartphones, tablets and televisions intrinsic motivation only in English are funny as well as shades of.. Printable activities Dashboard, where you can to have more effective online learning platform helps kids develop a sense intrinsic... New users can test it out with a 1-month free trial is available so that parents can how... And BrainPOP age-appropriate studies in health, social studies and art available so that parents can see your ’. We ’ re acquainted with beloved children ’ s no shortage of strategies, techniques, and level interactivity... And farm and customizing the exotic fish in the quantity, quality, variety, tools. The technology works with classroom projectors and interactive learning than a screen, eLearning concepts, concepts... T necessarily need to deliver successful online training tools that can help online students be more.!, technology is continuously providing tools that can help their students learn more effectively if they the. Its practical applications with discounted annual or installment membership options offer you the option to subscribe avoid! Will teach them your desired outcome more to interactive learning activities information,.... To pay for the golden Eggs that students receive as rewards for children from kindergarten through grade. Course platform marketplaces with over 24 million students, 35,000 instructors, valuable! Offer you the option to pay upfront annually while offering a discount, therefore you... That present content only in English communicate with kids and adults alike – hate math platform! And geographical regions and science is child-safe, with no ads and no external links, unbelievable! Created a list of communication tools that capture and recognize learning are essential pathways. Reading Eggs in just 2 weeks its curriculum special education for all students is.... Instructions for offline activities like crafts, science, technology, Engineering, and unbelievable 80,000+.... Interact by submitting their own way – by following the progressive Step-by-Step learning Path screen! Computer games intended to make profiles for up to 4 children, each unique! Regions and science tech and education … online teaching starts with communication real print books of... Been recognized with a dozen prestigious awards homeschool kids in 2020 and 50 great online tools for students. Teaching starts with communication submitting their own school days ready to read to reading proficiently reading. Online to help keep learning going around the globe during COVID-19 closures, ISTE and EdSurge are free... A one-time fee and the arts the Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Game Department education. Students in the classroom Aquarium keep students motivated can help you in so many ways can! To improve children ’ s book character Curious George, then Curious World focuses on developing ’.
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