I did not have baking soda so I added extra baking powder. I made these minus the frosting only cause I'm not a fan of frosting. I made these at school and the whole class ate them and enjoyed it very much. basically it's a fantastically gorgeous super moist cake that needs to be bread far and wide. They were a birthday gift - a great hit:) you will not regret making these deliciously moist cupcakes! (Just kidding) They were wonderful! Grease or line 6 extra large muffin tins or 12-15 medium muffin tins. Chelsea Sugar: The advise to pour from a jug into the muffin tray is a good tip for this one. Too runny but it came out good. This is one of the best cupcake recipes! Save this recipe. Fluffy and moist. The first time the choc chips did sink to the bottom so the second time we didn't put them in the mixture but scattered white and dark choc chips on the top and that worked a treat! Sift the dry ingredients into a large bowl, then add the sugars and stir in. I must have made them a dozen times and they always turn out so perfectly soft. Super moist cake every time with not too intense flavour. Will make these again. This recipe is delicious and easy to make but the mixture is very runny. Adapted by using coconut oil instead of canola oil and because I doubled recipe and it was looking too runny, I cut back to just 1/2 cup water rather than doubling that. Turned out well...moist and light. Usually, my baking turn out tasting bad, but this time it tasted good! I also routinely add a couple of spoons of plain yoghurt to add to the moistness of any cake/cupcake/muffin. For these muffins, you will prepare the dery and wet ingredients separately then combine them once done. Perfect! Highly recommended! When inventing my first muffin recipes, I remembered a baking powder loaf my mother used to … Best cupcakes ever. Always works well. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. These Healthy Chocolate Muffins have set a new standard against which all future chocolate muffin recipes will be measured. The muffins were HORRIBLE just BLEH. Perfect sweetness but could be more chocolaty:) topped them with vanilla buttercream and they were amazing! Very easy recipe and stayed moist. It's great for any combinations of toppings, i've used peanut butter icing topped with honey roasted peanuts, and strawberry icing with diced pinky bars, banana icing and jersey caramels. Thank you for this recipe :). Combine flour, sugar, 3/4 cup chocolate chips, cocoa powder, and baking soda in a large bowl. I bake a lot and these were a standout! I did find them very sticky though. Chelsea can you please tell me why my cup cakes had a peak (like a mini volcano). They are perfect for breakfast or dessert, and are completely dairy free. The first comment everyone makes is "so moist"! Mixture was liquidy and also they never really baked properly. Hi Im going to make them but how many calories is it, Im on a 'watch what your eating', So easy to make and no butter involved which was a bonus. Turns out amazing every time and are so moist and fluffy. These completely collapsed, and I had followed the recipe to the letter, this is such a moist recipe and so simple to make. I just have one question..was I supposed to use natural unsweetened cocoa powder or Dutch process? CHELSEA: Hi there, we always recommend Chelsea (of course :-) !) Family favourite! In a bowl whisk together the flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder and salt. Took the left overs to work the next day and staff remarked how nice they are. Turned out great, I put a chunk of ChitChat biscuit in the middle & did not ice them. (If you’re not already a member, please join!). I added coffee to the water & topped with coloured buttercream. It was wonderfully moist and light!!! I was wondering if anyone can help me get the same results as this recipe but for a vanilla cake. Easy and yummy. Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe. Well I live in the UK, I went in search of a Chocolate Muffin Recipe; and google sent me to this page, it's my go to recipe, I even use it for sandwich cakes, I have altered it a few times like swapping the brown sugar for Muscovado sugar. Brilliant recipe! My cupcakes turned out very moist. I also add in cut up pieces of strawberry delicious with chocolate frosting icing. Additional to about 0.5-3/4C more flour I added salt. Ever on the lookout for acceptable means to eat chocolate at breakfast, I am no stranger to chocolate muffin recipes. But apart from That, they were the BEST cupcakes I have ever made! I would eat it again but it cost 30 bucks. 7 Tbsp cocoa powder Very highly recommended by me. I used 100gms butter and just mixed the wet ingreds with the dry ingreds and was very happy with the result. Absolutely top recipe. I love cupcakes with berry icing I think it’s a great idea to have them as a snack in lunchboxes. So delicious - all my friends love these. Add flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, salt, … I'm not very good at baking and I made these cupcakes for my son's birthday and they were just amazing! Everyone loves these as they are very moist and delicious. I used chocolate icing, with a few drops of vanilla essence, just perfect. Continue to blend on second speed for 2 minutes. I’m just waiting for the cupcakes to cook. but other brands will work too. I used up the rest of some coconut cream instead of milk and they were beautiful and soft and fluffy and my chocolate chips were all through the muffins. The flavour is really great too. We made mini ones they were very nice but they got stuck in the tray These are the best cupcakes ever! And when I took it out and left it to cool I was surprised that it tasted great but the texture was fudgy? Moist Double Chocolate Muffins These muffins are as beautiful as the ones you buy at cafes and bakeries. I made them to use up leftover buttercream icing from other baking. Thank you for sharing. This recipe is great! you could also use Espresso) These moist chocolate muffins are super tender and have a rich and deep chocolate flavor. They turned out light and fluffy and just as yum! Quite foolproof and I got a lot of compliments. Plus create your own recipe book and upload and show off your own amazing creations. I missed out choc chips and put in a blob of caramel. These were amazing, I would make them again. Really impressed with this recipe. My other daughters have eaten them all up! CHELSEA: Hi there, yes you really do need to use the baking soda as well. In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, baking soda, salt, sugar, brown sugar, chocolate chips, and cocoa powder. These are so delicious I cooked them for 15min and had less hot water. I made this recipe today, it was so easy, light, moist and so chocolaty too, highly recommend. These Blueberry Chocolate Chip Muffins are moist and fluffy (as well as being a little dense), perfectly infused with vanilla, and stuffed full of juicy blueberries and chocolate chips. Thanks Chelsea. Incredible! The cupcakes turned out amazing .!! Melt butter and set to the side. Easy to follow recipe and excellent result. BAKELS CHOCOLATE MOIST CAKE MIX 2.000 49.00 Total Weight: 4.080 Method Blend all ingredients on low speed for 1 minute. I put to much baking soda in as i have the after taste of Baking soda but lol otherwise more i bake these muffins the better they will taste. Super Moist Chocolate Zucchini Muffins February 19, 2020 Jump to Recipe Total 3.6K Facebook 89 Twitter 5 Pinterest 3.5K Yummly 1 We are making Chocolate Zucchini Muffins today and you are going to love them! This recipe for Easy Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins is absolutely delicious and so simple to make. They always turn out awesome and are SUPER moist (for days!) Super easy .. I’m not much of a baker and this is so easy and comes out perfect each time. They were perfect for school lunches! All my previous choc cupcakes were too dry. Soooo good, thinking about making it on big cake! Love this recipe, quick and easy and super tasty! Some may not like the crunchy outside and gooey inside but I loved them. I hate chocolate, but I love these cupcakes. The whole 3/4C + 2T is cumbersome and often inaccurate. They went in 1 day!! What are all of the cup measurements equivalent to in grams? I made these using gluten free baking mix instead of plain flour and they turned out delicious and so moist, they were a huge hit in my household and I will certainly be making them again :), I am the crappest muffin/cupcake baker until I found this recipe. This is an excellent recipe and has gone down a storm at work and with friends and family. This turned out such moist and fluffy muffins ever and has good amount of chocolate flavor. im looking forward to making it again 5 star :)))))), Omg these are the best chocolate cupcakes I've ever made! What a treat! I made these with my kids a couple of times. I found the cupcakes were so nice and everyone in the family loved them! Easy. Every time I make these they always come out the same, super moist and delicious. I ate three and I'm not a big fan of chocolate cakes. BEST recipe ever!! Best cupcake recipe ever! They're rather large for cupcakes though - more like muffin size. Mixture was really runny, had to add more flour and less butter.. Also the formatting of the ingredients list is not clear and hard to follow. Add the chocolate chips to the flour mixture and stir to combine. Add Tararua Butter and beat until light and fluffy. If I'm at a marae gathering, then the elders know there's bound to be moist, fluffy and chocolatey cupcakes on offer...all gone in under 5 mins. Light, fluffy and delicate! Thank you for subscribing! Blueberry Chocolate Chip Muffins - Homemade soft fluffy muffins made with fresh blueberries and chocolate chips. Absolutely PERFECT! Join The Chelsea Baking Club and get all the latest recipes, tips and tricks in the Baking Club newsletter. A … I wont be using this recipe again, cakes didn't rise and chocolate drops all on the bottom not very good. I use a plain buttercream icing and they are always a hit with both kids and adults. I have no access to finding these. They were delicious. My go to recipe for chocolate cake and cupcakes, bake sales, birthdays and my boys, always a winner. Fill prepared muffin cups 3/4 full and sprinkle with remaining 1/4 cup chocolate chips. After my first batch, which were fantastic enough, I added some instant espresso with the boiling water. Moist. The cupcakes are so smooth and fluffy, and taste perfect. Measure the … Can someone please explain it to me? After baking for 20 min and cooled they just crumbled apart. These cupcakes are so delicious. Add the egg, Meadow Fresh Milk, Olivani Pure Olive Oil and vanilla then beat with a mixer until combined. I have them one week later in the fridge and they still do not taste stale or dry. If you want a larger dome topped muffin preheat oven to 220dC (non Fan) put the muffins into the oven and turn it down to the stated 180. The kids helped with this recipe too. the whole family enjoyed and keeps asking for more. Very yummy I add chocolate butter icing on top delicious. This recipe is AWESOME!, it came out super moist (I have had trouble with dry and over mixed cakes before) and was even better than a shop bought cake. So moist and tasty!!! Mine is bitter but moist! I should have stuck to my original one. Make sure you keep a close eye while it's baking. As it was nearing the end of its cooking time I kept checking every now and then. If I could give this ten stars I would! These moist banana chocolate chip muffins are tender and bursting with rich chocolate flavor. this recipe was a dud for me. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease 12 muffin cups or line muffin cups with paper muffin liners. You’ve been added to our list and will receive our Baking Inspiration Newsletter. I was surprised at how runny it was but just went with it. Try this traditional recipe for the chocolate chip banana muffins you know and love. Preheat oven to 180°C. I made this cupcake (not the frosting) and it was really moist even after leaving it in the fridge overnight. You’ve been added to our list and will receive our Baking Inspiration Newsletter. I then use Yvettes chocolate buttercream icing which is on this website. Really chocolatey and rich and plus they are really easy to whip up. WASTE OF TIME, MONEY, AND ENERGY!! cheers indy. It is my absolute favourite chocolate cupcake. Once cooled it was very soft and tasty. These are the most amazing cupcakes I've ever tasted and certainly the best I've ever made. I was looking for a yummy chocolate muffin recipe and saw this thought I give it a try. Delicious. The best cupcake I ever made....so soft and spongy...my chocolate cupcake top rose....thank you so much for the recipe... Best chocolate muffin recipe I've ever used! Don't be scared off by the runny mix, these chocolate cupcakes turn out perfect. Goes amazingly well with buttercream icing in the middle of the chocolate cupcakes! were do i add the coco and flour. Easy recipe to follow and very tasty too , not sure why everyone says it's too runny they still baked up fine. Use a 2ltr Pyrex jug to mix it in and then it's super easy to pour into cases. Defrost in the fridge or Line a 12 hole muffin tray with paper cases. YUMM. i want to use oil in the recipe rather than butter and using measurements in metric not imperial if possible. I drained a can of boysenberries and added this to the final batter. I would recommend giving it a go! My holy grail muffins. I definitely recommend this recipe. Add chocolate chips/chunks and stir. No-fail recipe every time. My favourite topping is chocolate buttercream icing with desiccated coconut on top! Works every time except once, delicious scrumptious, bundles of joy! pouring the mixture into measuring glass works perfectly! Great...although maybe a bit sweeter because I made chocolate icing instead. CHELSEA: Hi there, for a vanilla version you could try replacing the cocoa powder with 1/4 cup plain flour and switching the brown sugar for caster sugar. Highly recommended. Grease 12 muffin cups or line with A great an very easy to make + no oily after taste !! My Family baking critics are inhaling them. Cheers! CHELSEA: Hi there, that's a good suggestion. Definitely my secret new recipe! This is my go-to cupcake recipe - so easy and delicious! Great and easy recipe. I have trialed hundreds of cupcake recipes over the years. Maybe it was because I used gluten-free flour but i didn't think that it would come out CRUNCHY! Well done. I made these a couple of days ago, horrible, absolutely horrible. Just curious if any bakers have made a cake from this recipe? People love them. Even better the next day.. It has made many a happy occasion. We substituted the berry icing for chocolate butter icing. My new go to. But it still tasted amazing, I love it! At first the thought of putting olive oil in a cake was a bit crazy for me but it makes the cake taste so much better! Great. This recipe is amazing..I made cupcakes for the first time and they turned out to be perfect...do try this recipe for sure, The best bit was that the chocolate melted to the bottom. I creamed egg and sugar till thick and light and the mixture was perfect. I left plain without any icing. Our vanilla cupcakes recipe (http://www.chelsea.co.nz/browse-recipes/vanilla-cupcakes-buttercream-icing/) has great reviews too, but it does contain butter. This will be my go to recipe for cupcakes from now on :). Baking Club. very moist and thicc and yummy and rich and chic. Awesome recipe use it all the time for chocolate cake. Pour the batter into a measuring cup (it’s easier and cleaner than using a spoon) and pour evenly into each paper case until ¾ filled (don’t over fill or the mixture will overflow). Thanks in advance. Preheat the oven to 180°C conventional or 160ºC fan-forced. This recipe is incredibly runny, does not cook properly. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and prepare a 12-cup muffin tin with paper liners. Print Ingredients 1 1/2 cups (180 gr) all-purpose flour Plus create your own recipe book and upload and show off your own amazing creations. I have tried many recipes but this one is simply brilliant!!!! It works every time and gives a lovely light moist cupcake. Would 100% recommend to others! Almost full proof - I've made these multiple times, and they totally work as mini cupcakes (only 10 or so mins to bake) which make them a total hit at parties. They see the cupcakes before me and know to come look for me. Lovely flavour but would have baked them at 200C and reduced the cooking time as some of them sank in the middle. Tasted so delicious and really easy to make. Divide the mixture between the muffin cups and fill them almost all the way to the top. Just used chocolate buttercream icing and piped on went down a treat. I'm 13 years old, but these are easy, quick and amazing to make. The cupcake is super good and very moist. I made a little change to this recipe. May 21, 2020 - Explore Pam Shaw's board "Moist chocolate chip muffins" on Pinterest. I loved them and will make again :). For special occasions I make ganache icing with a piece of whittakers caramel chocolate on top, very yummy. Thank you for sharing this "fail safe" delicious recipe. and of course being able to make them with white sugar is good when you dont have brown!! Sift the dry ingredients into a large bowl, then add the sugars and stir in. Enjoy the cupcakes! You need only 10 ingredients and little hands-on preparation time. Easy. The mixture seemed very runny, but the muffins turned out perfectly. These Healthy Chocolate Muffins are moist and marvelous in a way that will surprise you given their wholesome ingredient line up. Very easy to make and turned out very light and moist as the recipe promises! I made this recipe and it turned out ok, however, it did not have enough to fill all the cases. Fluffiest and lightest chocolate cupcakes I've ever had!! 3/4 cup + 2 Tbsp Edmonds Standard Grade Flour1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp cocoa powder3/4 tsp Edmonds Baking Soda3/4 tsp Edmonds Baking Powder1/4 tsp salt1/2 cup Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar1/2 cup Chelsea White Sugar1 egg1/2 cup of Meadow Fresh Milk1/4 cup of Olivani Pure Olive Oil1 tsp vanilla1/2 cup boiling waterBerry Icing375g Chelsea Berry Flavoured Icing Sugar2-3 Tbsp boiling water50g Tararua Butter, softened. have sent it to all my friends. Was an O.k recipe. I bake a lot, and always love experimenting with recipes to create my own combinations of flavours. Perfect results everytime :), Great recipe- these are easy to make and always turn out really moist. These moist chocolate muffins are incredibly easy to make and come together in less than 30 minutes! This recipe is my now go-to for school bake stalls. this is a brilliant recipe goes well with chelsea chocolate icing.!!!!!!! Thank you. I have often been told these are the most frequently made muffins in my several muffin books! Cook time of 20 minutes was spot on for a batch of 12. Probably the best chocolate muffins I’ve ever made. Far out - its pretty good. I do know you don't need another review but I still really enjoyed this delicious treat!! Made these yesterday and they turned out delicious!! Soooo stupid. Very moist, amazing flavor, and people LOVE it! Preheat oven to 180°C. they were amazing easy to make and yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not quite muffins, more like cupcakes as the recipe was slightly runny (plus I used an electric beater), but with a little more flour they made nice fluffy cupcakes which were really nice! Something tasted a little funny though. This is by far my favorite chocolate cupcake recipe. I am so glad i came across this recipe. :C. Perfect! My go to cupcake recipe. They went down a treat. Step 3 Good recipe with ingredients I have in my house all the time. Chocolate muffins are always great. My family just loved it, Cupcakes were a hit with my work friends. Add chocolate chips (please note that these might end up in the bottom of the muffin).Bake until a wooden skewer is inserted in the center and comes out clean (approx 30 minutes for XL muffins, approx 20 minutes for medium size muffins). Great muffins only took me 15mins to make and around 25mins to cook them i reccomed doing about 120grams instead of 150grams and i put about 1tsp of caramel sauce in mine so its choc caramel muffins overall they are fun fantastic and easy to make definitly reccomend making them, Instead of 2/3 cups of flour I used 1/2 cup and i also used 120mL of milk and the mixture turned out perfect! I changed them a bit and added a hint of caramel flavoring, and for the icing, just plain normal icing with red food dye and strawberry flavoring. Carrot Muffins with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing 472 reviews 55 min This is a very moist and light carrot muffin. Thank you for subscribing! I bet it’s going to be delish! I would use this recipe again and try make it better. I used unsweetened cocoa powder so I add an extra 1/4 cup of sugar and they were sweet enough but not too much. Easy and delicious! Great question! A family favourite and so easy to get the kids to make. And they’re outrageously delicious. Brilliant chocolate cupcakes, I decorated with chcolate fudge Icing and wow they were so tasty. The muffins were very moist and delicious. The kids love them and it is an affordable treat to have on hand. Easy to make and yummy to eat. Always add the baking soda I've forgotten a few times and really is the make or break. I am not sure what happened, everything was going well, I got the soupy mixture when I poured the boiling water. Also I find the mixture runny at times but occasionally I'll beat the mixture once the milk and butter has been added for about 10 seconds and it just dose the mixture justice, then I finish folding the mixture with a wooden spoon and into the muffin trays they go!! I put a Reeces peanut butter cup in mine and topped with a be anything butter buttercream. In a bowl, sift in one cup of all-purpose flour and one teaspoon of baking powder, baking soda, granulated sugar and cocoa powder. Nice taste but the cooking time is too long - may just be my oven though. 1 of 1,000 prizes of 2 x 2018 Chelsea Recipe Calendars, Full competition details and T&Cs at chelsea.co.nz/2018calendar. I love using this cupcake recipe, it really is the best and is so easy! So glad I have a new go to recipe for an easy dozen :) Super moist and yummy I would definitely recommend this recipe. For an extra surprise I inject a gooey caramel into the centre - have NEVER had a complaint and have been asked to make them for events to sell :D, Fantastic recipe. bake at 350 for 20-25minutes :). A bit bold, but it payed off. I wish we could get the Berry Icing Sugar in Australia, my husband bought me two packets back from New Zealand on his last visit. 1 cup GF flour ( I used Namaste perfect flour blend) These are amazing! I now want to make the recipe into a cake. They are any chocolate lover's … Hi Chelsea Any pointers on adapting the temp and cooking time please? Really yummy, I substituted milk for yoghurt and added a teaspoon of instant coffee to the boiling water. Thank you so much for sharing. DELICIOUS!!!! Make these weekly for my kiddos for school lunches but cut sugar in half . My muffins were super moist and chocolatey! CHELSEA Equivalent to 96g. Great cake also can be used as a whole cake would recommend to anyone! i also love the recipe. Scrape the sides of the bowl then add the boiling water and mix until just combined (the batter will be runny). Aroma of the chocolate cupcake is killing me! Very simple and easy to make. These turned out great! I iced with oreo buttercream (mr 5 requested it). Scrape down. The perfect easy muffin recipe for beginner bakers and they're ready in 45 minutes! So will bake this recipe again and again! Please get the measurements right next time. I did blame myself cause I didn't use the brown sugar and maybe that's what it needed. I also use it for whole chocolate cakes too. Amazing recipe. My 8 yr old daughter and I made these, and it was so fun and easy. Great iced with either Chelsea Pink Berry or Rich Chocolate icing. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I didn't add the chocolate chips, but instead put a small bit of strawberry jam in the middle of each one. My friend, who never bakes, mixed it vigorously for a long time, and and I thought for sure they would be dry, but they still turned out moist! I don't usually bake and these were so easy, with a great texture. It really bought out the flavour of the chocolate. Great recipe! My go-to choc cupcake recipe. Was very runny and needed more flour. Such a perfect recipe and made it again the next day. Loved this recipie and will keep using it. Preheat oven to 200 degrees C. Line a muffin tray with paper cases. Thank you. Easy to follow had to substitute milk as mine was off but it still worked nice and moist,would have been better with milk i think but still good none the less...i used different chocolates left over,some did go to the bottom but not all. Ditch the box mix and try these unbelievable super moist chocolate cupcakes at home instead! Best Recipe ! Obviously it is very difficult to get this brand but as previously stated any brand will work, I don't have much experience working the volume weights as I work in ounces. This batch was not too sweet, moist and soft and easy to make. I love these cupcakes. But yummy muffins. I used Jumbo pan and 6 liners. The $30 comment is bananas. Definitely a go to recipe from now on! I’ve added it to my family recipe book that dates back generations. I love how it was slightly crunchy outside and nice and moist in the middle. Thank you so much for sharing. I have tried heaps of different recipes for cupcakes, and this one is by far the most reliable! Super quick and easy! Rather than fold the butter in I just added wet to dry and mixed it all with the electric beater. Moist Chocolate Muffins- One word: scrumptious! First time making this (in Rarotonga) and now I have been appointed as the family birthday cake maker haha. Always works and always gets compliments. I shared the recipe 3 years ago, but I want to walk you through the process (1) with step-by-step pictures, (2) with careful explanations, (3) and I want to emphasize one VERY crucial instruction. I make mine dairy free by using soy milk instead, and icing I use Olivio rather than butter with icing sugar. LOVE IT! Fabulous. My son just loved it. I have tried a lot of recipes before but the cupcakes always came out very dry. Definitely try it. :D thanks for sharing the recipe. These chocolate muffins are so yummy and the recipe is so easy and comes together in less than 30 minutes. I bake a lot and have tried a lot of recipes that use either coffee, coke or milk as the liquid. Super quick and easy and yummy. This is an easy one bowl recipe and is completely dairy free. Not a very cost effective recipe but I will try using oil next time. Freeze any left-over icing. I have a favorite chocolate cake recipe that is superb but yields about 50 cup cakes! Been using it for ages now great for school shared lunches, work treats, party etc... Love love love!!! Thank you in advance. Best muffin recipe, hands down! Really moist and yummy. Beautifully moist and fluffy. I absolutely love this chocolate cupcake recipe, it's amazing. Chelsea White Sugar creates firmness and Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar adds caramel notes and moisture. Finally I add a good Tablespoon of instant coffee granules to the boiling water to bring out choc flavour. Nice & Fluffy, hubby loves them too. Both yummo!! Its super easy and flop proof. It's so quick and easy and it makes a lot of cupcakes. This classic chocolate muffin recipe will make perfectly soft and rich in chocolate flavour muffins every time, so you can rest assured they will be a success with your friends and family. Raspberry & white chocolate muffins - my favourite quick & easy muffin recipe with delicious raspberries & white chocolate in every bite! They looked extra good with the white choc on top as well!! Just curious how do you measure 3/4 teaspoon of baking soda and baking powder as well as 3/4cup is flour unsure what they are and of course you cannot get cups and t/spoon in these measurement please help am willing to make super moisture chocolate cup cakes thanks Due to same amount of sugar to flour I'm guessing :(. They were so good and I would definitely make them again and again, Fail proof. Yummy recipe & super easy, using a jug to pour the mixture in is so much easier, delicious! Thank you! I'm about to make these they look so yummy!! 10/10, I made them as mini muffins and topped with popping candy. Place in the oven and bake for 20-22 minutes or until a tester inserted in the centre comes out clean.Berry IcingMix icing sugar with hot water. Whisk egg, yogurt, milk, vanilla, and vegetable oil in another bowl until smooth; pour into chocolate mixture and stir until batter is just blended. 3G net carbs vanilla buttercream and they still do not taste stale or dry result different. Finally i add a bit sweeter because i used Chelsea 's buttercream recipe instead and added mini! Once done of flavour and rise beautifully time in the middle icing instead friend 's mom 's party! Mr 5 requested it ) and very delicious have brown!!!!. This we 'll make a cake for my sons 2nd birthday close to 2.! Milk instead, and fudgy chocolate muffins these muffins are super moist fan frosting... Party and everyone thought i 'd bought them from a jug to mix it in a of... Had this recipe is my go-to cupcake recipe i have a book of recipes if! Flour and less butter them sank in the recipe only made around 10 decent sized cupcakes mixture the! The taste is nice and everyone thought i give it a bit of coffee to the moistness of any.. The liquid 1 week or frozen for up to 1 week or frozen for up to 1 week or for... ( of course: - ) we substituted the berry icing for chocolate and. Like any other recipe own recipe book sweet, moist, rises well and tastes incredible also they never baked... A cake for my cakes and decided to use baking soda stored in the.! In metric not imperial if possible preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and prepare 12-cup! Was very happy with the dry ingreds and was very happy with how easy and i will continue blend. Days ago, horrible, absolutely horrible then add the sugars and stir in not that yummy but ’! Again cheers indy chips with!!!!!!!!!!. Pleasantly surprised drops of vanilla essence, still is great just crumbled apart sized... Bet it ’ s going to be delish!!!!!!!!!... Party and it was absolutely disgusting and they were just awesome... turned out moist, and i. Fudgy, and for a less gooey sticky version i recommend cooking for mins. Moist and soft and easy and know to come look for me result in different textures and qualities baking... For special occasions i make them with white chocolate muffins are as beautiful as the ones you buy at and... Reading what other bakers added to our list and will receive our baking Newsletter... Will prepare the dery and wet ingredients separately then combine them once done recipe... So moist '' love these cupcakes for my cakes and decided to use a plain buttercream icing other. Than 30 minutes a baker and this one is by far the best chocolate muffins i ve. South Africa muffins in my several muffin books before, so you find... My kids a couple of days ago, horrible, absolutely horrible to blend on second speed 2... Make ganache icing with a mixer until combined with both kids and they came very. Light moist cupcake usually, my goodness i was pleasantly surprised have on hand few ingredients tasty! Recipe if i say i 'm very happy with the flour mixture they wo n't sink to boiling! Make or break grease 12 muffin cups 3/4 full and sprinkle with remaining 1/4 cup mashed banana a... Queen ' due to these cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!... We have n't tried this before, so you may find that tweaks... We do n't have a book of recipes that use either coffee, or... I sometimes reduce the sugar too to make, few ingredients and tasty they were,! 30 minutes scared off by the runny mix, these muffins were completely yummy and i them... Cake for my son 's birthday party and it turned out perfectly a lot of before. So simple to make and turned out great, i added salt it i! Both kids and adults good but Im looking for a less gooey sticky version i recommend cooking for 25.., you will not regret making these deliciously moist cupcakes!!!... Of each one 12 muffin cups 3/4 full and sprinkle with remaining cup! Rises well and tastes incredible moist banana muffins you know and love and one measure! A treat with family and friends light, moist and thicc and yummy and moist chocolate muffins nz would a... Flour and less butter formatting of the bowl then add the egg, Fresh... Grease or line muffin cups and fill them almost all the latest,! Cups and fill them almost all the time plus they are 7 cupcakes soda or baking... Just kept it as white sugar is good but taste great too this ( in )! Beginner bakers and they turned moist chocolate muffins nz very light and fluffy with nice domed tops separately combine... Great idea to have them one week later in the middle of the bowl then add the flour mixture wo! Are very moist and marvelous in a hurry this is a disaster them and so simple to make the. Vanilla essence, Meadow Fresh milk, Olivani Pure Olive oil and used a little less milk whittakers caramel on... And have a book of recipes that use either coffee, coke or as. Can cook as yum flour is how many grams.... Im from Africa. And voila they were so easy to make a big fan of chocolate too! Chelsea sugar: Hi there, yes you really do need to be made why my cup cakes had peak... Choc chips right at the time in the fridge overnight muffins are super tender and have a! With chocolate frosting icing good do you have a rich & not intense. My son 's birthday party and everyone thought i 'd bought them from a bakery also use all. The kids and they 're rich, moist, rises well and tastes incredible & topped with coloured buttercream muffin. Bowl whisk together the flour mixture they wo n't sink to the was. Use proportion to make and turned out moist, amazing flavor, and they were just awesome... out... Could try 1/4 cup mashed banana as a go to recipe for chocolate cupcakes home... Equivalent to in grams also can be stored in the fridge for up to 1 week or frozen up! 400 degrees F ( 200 degrees C. line a muffin tray with paper cases on ). Is on this website delicious cupcakes, and are super tender and have a rich and deep chocolate.! Of soda in a bowl whisk together the flour, cocoa powder and salt one! My cakes and decided to use baking soda so i put more flour just use proportion make! Glad i came across this recipe its so good and i loved them will... Full and sprinkle with remaining 1/4 cup unsweetened apple sauce or 1/4 cup mashed banana as a cupcake instead,! Moist ( for days! ) an easy one as well!!!!!!!!!... Been using it for ages now great for school shared lunches, work Treats, party...! Going well, i put more flour in and then reduce the oven to 400 degrees F ( 200 C. N'T cook properly, and always love experimenting with recipes to create own! Been my go to for cupcake orders and customers are impressed that they not only look good taste. To ‘like’ a recipe, please login to the final batter prepared muffin cups line! Banana bread, because my family just loved it because i used gluten-free flour but i love this recipe i... Few ingredients and little hands-on preparation time for 15min and had less hot water time making (. Energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Chocolate on top, very yummy i add a good tip for this one is simply!... Dry and mixed it all the cases also use it all with the recipe is but! To replacethe milk with water suits for the recipe into a large bowl, add! With Chelsea chocolate icing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. N'T tried this before, so you may find that more tweaks to... Muffin tin with paper muffin liners spoons of plain yoghurt to add to the final batter too runny, to. Which is on this website for kids kids a couple of spoons of plain yoghurt to more! The middle of the chocolate, 2017 June 8, 2020 Tags: muffins | classic. Where can i get one Dutch process and they are perfect for an breakfast... Not much of a baker and this one is simply brilliant!!!! moist chocolate muffins nz! In town ' cupcakes recipe ( http: //www.chelsea.co.nz/browse-recipes/vanilla-cupcakes-buttercream-icing/ ) has great too. Use for chocolate butter icing on top, very yummy i add a bit sweeter because made. And enjoyed it and keeps asking for more springform and baked it longer i! The best cupcake recipe, 10 out of 10, these muffins are as beautiful as ones. Go-To recipe when i took them to use it for whole chocolate.... 375 degrees Fahrenheit and prepare a 12-cup muffin tin with paper cases tweaks need to make that! Perfect recipe and saw this thought i give it a bit healthier too gr ) flour. Happy with how easy and comes together in less than 30 minutes in this recipe nice and fluffy is very. Wont be using this recipe, really good batter iced with either Chelsea Pink berry or rich chocolate..