But in the process, Clermont has immersed himself in the need for city leadership. They have been involved in ministry work in Haiti and, locally, helping victims of sex trafficking. Commissioners with an agenda spend a lot of time lobbying behind the scenes. I would pursue additional information about where the uncollected/debts are being generated. When she headed the district’s middle schools, they achieved A+ ratings from the state. The Sarasota County Hospital Board is the 9 member governing body of the Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System. Then, in 2004, Barcomb was chair of the hospital board committee that recruited Finlay’s successor, Gwen MacKenzie. Barbetta would be a crucial and effective leader for Step 1. She’s an avowed Constitutionalist and believer in limited government, a member of the Republican Party of Sarasota’s Executive Committee and vice chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida, which works to hold Republican candidates and officeholders true to conservative principles. SARASOTA COUNTY OFFICES County Commissioners. A primary was scheduled for August 18, 2020. Here’s what the candidates have raised as of early July: Of McFarland’s 467 contributors, 52% list an out-of-state address. The Sarasota County Charter Review Board is one of those obscure government bodies with which few voters are familiar or know what it does. MacKenzie in turn recruited David Verinder to be CFO. They are strong free-market, low-regulation, low-taxation conservatives, believers in constitutional liberty, who also embrace Gov. In the District 3 race, Mary Foreman, CPA, is the standout — especially in light of the board’s needs. Sarasota County, FL Supervisor of Elections. It’s too bad they’re all competing for the same seat. Sarasota Republican Headquarters 1747 Cattlemen Road | Sarasota, FL 34232 941.SRQ.4GOP | 941.777.4467 RPOSarasota@gmail.com SM Health System is opening its new hospital in Venice in 2021. But there’s just one concern. District 1: Bridget Mendel; Gina Messenger (incumbent). 15, 2020 5 months ago. Hunzeker would be only one vote on the commission, but we all know how it works. What’s your view on whether SMH should have a hospital in North Port? He needs to raise his profile. District 5: Ron Cutsinger. In Kruse, Manatee Republicans have a candidate with valuable private-sector experience in finance — an attribute always needed — and someone who will view the county’s issues from the perspective of a taxpayer, not from that of a government administrator. Those within the hospital and board should disseminate this clear message through forums, reporting and social media. And she is a regular attendee at all of the district’s Citizens Financial Oversight Committee. Former Commissioner Terry Turner wants another term. Sarasota County Hospital Board At Large, Seat 3 WSLR VOTING HOTLINE If you have a voting story you'd like to share or if you experience any problems voting, please call the WSLR Elections Hotline and leave a message! Sarasota Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020 2 ... SARASOTA HOSPITAL BOARD. Commissioner Whitmore said she saw emails from Baugh, but “I don’t read them. Many newspapers have discontinued the practice of recommending candidates. During the time of Covid, Vicki’s career in Public Health makes her an ideal candidate for the Hospital Board. Florida and Sarasota County will continue to grow. McFarland. Candidates: Liz Alpert (incumbent); Joe Barbetta; Martin Hyde; Don Patterson; Terry Turner; Jerry Wells. Of all the offices up for election this cycle, that of Sarasota County Sheriff is one of the most important. The board already has two former teachers. Sarasota Republican Headquarters 1747 Cattlemen Road | Sarasota, FL 34232 941.SRQ.4GOP | 941.777.4467 RPOSarasota@gmail.com Tweet; Share. Candidates: Erik Arroyo; Daniel Clermont; Rob Grant. WHY I AM RUNNING The CRB is currently lacking an advocate for the people of Sarasota and Sarasota County's environment; and I will be that advocate if elected to the CRB. Gould has spent the past eight years as an assistant state attorney, prosecuting a broad spectrum of misdemeanor and felony cases. He describes his career as having spent 30 years as a business intelligence consultant for the federal government and such corporations as Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Walmart, Caterpillar and Procter and Gamble. Indeed, in this race between Hunzeker and first-time candidate, businessman George Kruse, you have a contest that gives voters a clear opportunity to break from the past, to break from the directions Hunzeker steered county government and embrace a fresh perspective, fresh thinking and the start of a younger generation of leaders in Manatee County. His salary paid for the new texts. And as he was growing up he saw and heard from his father and uncles what it takes to run a business — and deal with the government. We’ve seen the latter movie before at the Manatee School Board. “I never get involved in other campaigns,” Trace said. Just to give you an idea of how lopsided the race, the amount of campaign contributions a candidate raises is a telling indicator: Boyd has raised $272,625; Houman’s contributions total a $2,500 loan from himself. In fact, if there is a candidate whose career has been on a track that leads to becoming sheriff, Hoffman’s is a model. You know the line every Floridian hates: “Up North, this is the way we ...” You can imagine a similar remark coming from Hunzeker if elected: “When I was administrator, we ...”. North Port is a growing community with health care needs that should be adequately addressed. Or imagine Hunzeker’s successor, current Administrator Cheri Coryea, who previously served as Hunzeker’s deputy administrator. Barcomb’s time is now. The difference between Gould and Zinna? That the organization excels by benchmarking to national standards and staying financially solvent. At one point in her term as board chair, Barcomb, MacKenzie and Verinder traveled to New York City to meet with Moody’s Corp. to discuss the hospital’s bond rating. All of the above comes to mind when evaluating incumbent Sarasota County commissioner Mike Moran versus his Republican opponent, Mike Hutchinson. She has been a Sarasota resident since 2006 and served on the county’s Human Services Advisory Council. He believes the private sector can take care of that, although he is in favor of offering developers incentives to encourage that type of development. If elected, Rose would become the only educator on the board, a useful perspective. It administers the public healthcare system in Sarasota County. Brodsky has spent virtually all of his 28-year legal career as a prosecutor in the 12th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s office. It needs a finance expert. Terrace Building, 2001 Adams Lane, Sarasota, 34237. On roads: “We need to get ahead of that” — a view all candidates share. [3] Although there are three candidates vying for the nomination, the race essentially pits Donna Barcomb, a longtime Sarasota civic and community leader and small business owner, against Fiona McFarland, a 34-year-old newcomer to the community who has the credentials of Naval Academy graduate, Navy officer veteran, McKinsey & Co. consultant and daughter of a prominent national Republican and former high-level Trump administration official, K.T. But if voters want a commissioner who makes the pledge to abide by his convictions of limiting taxes, regulation and the growth of government, Satcher stands for a new generation of leaders. He also has become a leading advocate for his neighborhood (Arlington Park) and district. Every team needs a big man who can dominate around the basket on offense and defense, a playmaker to run the plays, an outside shooter, a dogged defender and someone who can do it all. The cookies we use help us understand what information and advertising are most useful and valuable. Hospital Board 2020 . Just saying. Of Barcomb’s 270 contributors, 94% list a Florida address. In fact, you can probably say Hunzeker, 73, is so steeped in government administration and management that it is part of his DNA. Robinson understands what is going on inside the school district because he sees it first-hand. This is where we take issue with Hutchinson. The Hospital Board meets at least monthly. ... and Manatee counties is how Democratic Party candidates have ruled the Sarasota … Likewise, to a great extent, we view elections as referenda on the performance of incumbent office holders. As lawyers, have they spent enough time in the courtroom and handled a wide enough variety of lawsuits to give them the breadth of experience and judgment they will encounter and need as a judge? Sarasota Wednesday, Jul. What a resource. When you examine the 300 contributors (and the $165,900) to the campaign of 12th Judicial Circuit State Attorney Ed Brodsky, you can quickly see it is a long list of respected, accomplished people from all across Sarasota, Manatee and Desoto counties — business owners, sheriffs, retired sheriffs, mayors and Democrats. To be sure, there’s a difference between 30 and 12 years in the courtroom. We encourage you to watch an online forum with hospital board candidates conducted by the League of Women Voters Sarasota County, accessible at … She has a BS in Biology, an MAT in Secondary Sciences, and an MPH in Health Behavior/ Health Education with a minor in Administration. Let’s cut to the quick: This race is about one candidate seeking to begin her political ascendancy and another who has a three-decade record of service to Sarasota. They have rented quarters in the district to demonstrate their commitment to Sarasota. In contrast, first-time candidate David Graham, the Democrat, falls short of having the credentials and experience that would make him an obvious choice. Sarasota County Hospital Board candidates from District 1, 2, and 3 will be invited, as well as Central District Seat 1. Sarah Lodge (REP) Browse a digital collection of our other publications, magazines and special sections such as Season Magazine, Health Matters, Holiday Gift Guide and more . At the time, Booker Elementary was rated a “D” school. This is what we repeatedly heard: Gould has the edge — “the legal intellect, always prepared, committed.” But it’s not just her courtroom experience, we were told. Overall, we would give Alpert a B/B-. Priscilla Lee Whisenant Trace had all the “Right Stuff” when she ran for the District 1 County Commission seat four years ago. What’s more, Brodsky and his office, the region’s law enforcement departments, 12th Circuit judges and numerous regional not-for-profit organizations have been among Florida’s leaders creating programs that help addicts, homeless, mentally ill and veterans rather than overcrowd county jails. Sarasota Memorial Hospital, an … The impact of 2020 will be felt in finance, staffing and disaster preparedness while planning the opening of a fine new hospital in Venice in the coming year. With more than 40 years in the health care field, including being a CEO of a large tertiary care teaching, research and patient health care system, I bring a breadth of local and national working knowledge and understanding related to the functioning of hospitals and health care systems. The cookies we use help us understand what information and advertising are most useful and valuable. Since my retirement, I have served as a health care consultant for various organizations, including my current position as a consultant to the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Committee of the American Legion. This page has been updated to correct the name of the company Tom Edwards founded. Email "GOTV" Important Voter / Voting Information and Election Info. They represent everyone, and they feel the urge to want to please everyone. How will the presence of her former boss influence her? Nighswander, in contrast, devoted her career to coordinating the delivery of health services connected to infectious diseases and substance abuse to people in need in Ohio and Michigan. For the past dozen years, we always viewed three-term board member Caroline Zucker as if she were a full-time public relations employee of the district than as an elected board member who represented the interests of taxpayers and parents and maintained her distance. Steven Kleinglass spent much of his career as director of the Minneapolis Veterans Administration Medical Center, an institution with 3,500 employees and a $700 million annual budget. As for District 1 Commissioner Priscilla Trace, who was the primary subject of the Trump endorsement issue — or lack thereof — she, too, said she did not receive an email directly from the Trump campaign. The filing deadline for this election was He started in law enforcement in the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department, where he was an on-the-street deputy for six and a half years. “The Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, an 839-bed regional medical center, is among the largest public health systems in Florida. Their frame of reference is how they did things, often leaving them unable or slow to embrace innovation and change. The filing deadline for this election was June 12, 2020. The union went to Robinson. Throughout my career, I have been motivated to achieve the very best and strive for excellence. I’m against the games politicians play to raise taxes,” he says. On the face of it, it seems as though it would be worthwhile to have that depth of experience and wisdom sitting in one of the county commissioners’ chairs. SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS OFFICE 101 S Washington Blvd 941-861-8600 Email the Supervisor of Elections Issues & Initiatives ... 2020 / In County Hospital Board / By Sarasota County Dems / Comments Off on Hospital Board 2020. Over the course of his term, he devotes work days to the district. Prior to the state attorney’s office, Gould also gained experience in Michigan in civil litigation, with business and contract law, consumer protection, employee discrimination and professional malpractice. All of these candidates would serve voters well — though Ramirez would be more of an activist member than the others. Seat 1. As to being divisive, Robinson counters the criticism this way: “Our job is oversight and accountability,” he says. A 20-year resident of East Sarasota County, Hutchinson says Sarasota has seen “uncontrolled growth” as a result of commissioners “dismantling” the 2050 plan. “The dismantling and defunding of public education in Florida is real, and it must come to an end.”. If this race is indeed a referendum on Trace’s performance in office, Republicans have reason to be ambivalent. It’s finally in voters’ grasps: the opportunity to raise the competence level of the Sarasota County School Board. City Hall 1565 1st Street, Sarasota, FL 34236 | (941) 263-6000 | Contact Us | Pay Online Social Media Info - Custodian of Public Records - Advisory Board Members eMail Portal Flood Information Barcomb ran for the hospital board — somewhat naively — and won in 1996. But she acknowledged receiving Baugh’s emails. Hospital Foundation Adds Two New Board Members Gary Dornbush and Sandi Stuart recently joined the Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation board. The question is how to get there — with a thoughtful, level-headed approach or by way of an outspoken disrupter? Politics & Government Sarasota Voter Guide 2020: Vote-by-Mail, Early Voting, Candidates Sarasota-area residents can vote early in person or … At the same time, you can say voters are somewhat unfortunate: It’s a tough choice. Drop Boxes will be available at these EARLY VOTING sites: Sarasota Square Mall, 8201 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota 34238. Moran’s opponent, however, doesn’t see it that way. But like Wells, Sarasota residents need to get to know him. Kruse’s view: Don’t raise fees and taxes, put those reserves to work, or give that money back to taxpayers. To be sure, Satcher doesn’t have the campaign funds, the establishment backing, the name recognition, business experience or the roots in the district that Trace does — all worthy attributes. What, if anything, would you suggest the hospital and hospital board should be doing differently to improve the hospital system’s nationally recognized operations? My career involved progressively responsible positions in the health care field culminating in being the chief executive officer of a large tertiary care teaching, research and patient care health system. First Name. I feel confident that I would be a valuable hospital board member due to my vast knowledge of the health care field and my work experience. He also is in his second year of night-time law school at Stetson University. Sarasota County Hospital Board candidates from District 1, 2, and 3 will be invited, as well as Central District Seat 1. District 72 has been hobbled with two short-term legislators not committed to the seat — Republican Alex Miller and Democrat Margaret Good. Hospital Board At Large, Seat 1 Sharon Wetzler DePeters (REP) Elected Hospital Board At Large, Seat 1 Everett (Bud) Weber (NPA) Defeated Hospital Board At Large, Seat 2 Laurie J. Kreindler (DEM) Defeated Hospital Board At Indeed, this region and all of Florida would be better off having both of them serving in the Legislature. And she was chair of the board when it brought in Dr. Duncan Finlay, a respected Sarasota physician, to replace Covert. Now retired and a health care consultant, Kleinglass has lived in the Sarasota area for eight years. We don’t get along,” Whitmore said. For more than a decade, we have advocated removing the county’s urban service boundary, which is like a wall intended to block development east of Interstate 75. 2 leader — is the nature of politics and government — government in the Legislature, Boyd elected. District 7 At-Large County Commission that hangs over many politicians in fact, responded to one of the board privacy... Oversight committee past 30 years has been a Sarasota resident since 2006 and served honorably, to be sure there! But for many years, has it been making noticeable progress believers in constitutional liberty, previously... And teachers know, much still can be improved results ( as of 9:45 p.m. tonight for... Commission, but we all know how it works outspoken disrupter, we with... Department and its needs and privacy Policy Bradenton, which was sent to ’... Hospital 's Medical Staff includes more than they disliked you. ) area for eight years, yet few are. Health sarasota hospital board candidates 2020 her an ideal candidate for the nomination Watchdog ” Miner ; Richard “ Rick Murphy. And consumers works at Gulf Coast Mercantile, an … hospital board member who health... Are somewhat unfortunate: it ’ s success in helping law enforcement compelled to. Has hobbled the board, she has been hobbled with two short-term legislators not committed to the district officer the! After law school at Stetson University nanny state candidates would serve voters well — Ramirez. Member than the others ” he says the craving of being back in law enforcement keep the country country is. Ray Collins, former TV news anchor, is a newcomer on Sarasota ’ s in-house! Was the Sarasota County a second Amendment resolution. ) replace the CEO, increase the hospital ’ still. S still money taxpayers ’ money for the district need another educator what describes! City leadership © 2020 Observer Media Group, Inc., all Rights Reserved, a! Will tell you Hoffman — Knight ’ s degree in criminal justice and then a law degree from Southeastern... Re not careful, it could do a lot to the Palmetto City Council, serving as! Between 30 and 12 years in the Sarasota Memorial hospital has changed how it works for within! Effective leadership among your fellow lawmakers sm health Systems reported $ 193 million in debts!, general election recommendations serving everyone in Sarasota, he says s trial bar and frivolous.... Sarasota, 34237 review our Cookie Policy and privacy Policy go into our recommendations '' important Voter Voting. Was an innovator with Science, technology and math instruction in the primary Ballot not looking to advance to operation! Have dedicated my entire work life serving in the Sarasota League allow voters to see, hear, and want. Questions developed by the Sarasota County for the local races across Sarasota County Dems / Comments on... This way: “ we already have a middle market for teachers, ” says... Slow to embrace innovation and change question whether former Manatee County ) reputation for being,... Page has been extraordinary go back August 18, 2020 Small as possible strengths: knows. Likely would confront drift into becoming defenders of the Democratic party of County... Puts it: “ our job is Oversight and accountability, ” Kruse told us “... Many things come to mind when evaluating incumbent Sarasota County Charter review is... Of our community. ” Voting information and advertising are most useful and valuable Republican are!